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Nebraska Termini Gallery

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Click on the links below to see photos of various Nebraska termini. Feel free to send me your own Nebraska ends photos and I'll post them here. (Need an email address to send them to? Click here.)

Any terminus listed in tan does not have any pictures available; termini in gold cells but not underlined will be added soon. Italicized highways are historic routes. Termini not shown on this chart have no pictures slated to be added anytime soon. (Got it?)

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South/West Terminus
North/East Terminus
NE 1 US 34 south of Elmwood US 34/75 near Murray
NE 2 (W) South Dakota state line I-80 Exit 318
NE 2 (E) US 77 in Lincoln Iowa state line
NE 4 US 6/34 west of Atlanta US 75 north of Dawson
US 6 Colorado state line Iowa state line
NE 8 NE 14 in Superior US 73 in Falls City
NE 10 Kansas state line NE 58/92 in Loup City
NE 12 US 83 in Valentine US 20 west of Jackson
NE Spur 12A NE 15 south of Schuyler Linwood
NE Spur 12B NE 15 north of David City Abie
NE Spur 12C Ulysses NE 15/66 east of Ulysses
NE Spur 12D NE 66 south of Dwight Dwight
NE Spur 15A Champion US 6/NE 61 in Imperial
NE Spur 18A US 6 south of Harvard Harvard
NE Spur 18G US 6 south of Saronville Saronville
US 20 Wyoming state line Iowa state line

South/West Terminus
North/East Terminus
NE 21 NE 23 east of Eustis NE 2/92 in Broken Bow
NE 22 NE 70 south of Ord US 81 north of Columbus
NE Link 24B I-80 Exit 248 US 30 in Overton
US 26 Wyoming state line I-80 Exit 126
NE 27 (S) Kansas state line US 34 in Haigler
NE 27 (C) I-80 Exit 95 US 26/NE 92 in Oshkosh
NE 27 (N) NE 2 in Ellsworth South Dakota state line
NE 29 US 26 in Mitchell US 20 in Harrison
US 30 Wyoming state line Iowa state line
NE 31 NE 50 north of Louisville US 30 south of Blair
NE 32 NE 14 in Petersburg US 75 in Tekamah
NE 33 US 6/NE 15 west of Dorchester US 77/NE Spur 55F west of Roca
US 34 Colorado state line Iowa state line
NE 36 US 275 east of Fremont US 75 in Omaha
NE 38 US 275/NE 92 in Omaha I-480/US 75 in Omaha
NE 39 NE 92 west of Osceola NE 14 near Albion
NE 40 NE 92 in Arnold NE 10 north of Kearney

South/West Terminus
North/East Terminus
NE 41 NE 14 in Clay Center NE 50 north of Tecumseh
NE Link 41D I-80 Exit 338 US 34 in Hampton
NE 43 NE 41 near Adams US 34 in Eagle
NE 44 NE 4 south of Wilcox US 30/NE 10 in Kearney
NE 47 (S) NE 89 west of Wilsonville US 6/34 in Cambridge
NE 47 (N) NE 23 east of Farnam NE 40 south of Arnold
NE Spur 49A NE 50 west of Cook Cook
NE 51 US 275 west of Wisner Iowa state line
NE 52 NE 14 east of Belgrade NE 91 north of Primrose
NE Spur 55A Denton US 6 in Emerald
NE Spur 55C Lincoln city limits US 34 near Lincoln
NE Spur 55E Davey US 77 east of Davey
NE Spur 55J NE 79 west of Raymond Raymond
NE Link 55K US 6 in Lincoln north of I-80 Exit 395
NE Link 55W US 77 in Lincoln NE 2 in Lincoln
NE Link 55X US 6 in Lincoln I-80/US 77 Exit 405
NE 56 US 281 near Greeley NE 39 west of St. Edward

Route South/West Terminus North/East Terminus
NE 62 (W) NE 50 west of Elk Creek NE 105 east of Elk Creek
NE 62 (E) US 75 west of Stella NE 67 near Shubert
NE 63 US 34 south of Alvo US 77 south of Wahoo
NE Link 63A NE 39 north of Genoa NE 22 east of Genoa
NE 64 (W) US 81 south of Columbus NE 15 north of David City
NE 64 (E) US 77 west of Leshara US 75 in Omaha
NE 65 Kansas state line NE 4 in Table Rock
NE 66 (W) NE 14 south of Central City US 81 south of Stromsburg
NE 66 (C) NE 15 west of Dwight NE 79 near Valparaiso
NE 66 (E) US 6 in Ashland US 34/75 near Plattsmouth
NE 67 US 73 east of Verdon US 34 southwest of Nehawka
NE Spur 67B Steinauer NE 50 east of Steinauer
NE Spur 67C rural Pawnee County NE 65 south of Pawnee City
NE 69 US 34 west of Utica US 81/NE 92 in Shelby
NE 70 NE 2/92 near Broken Bow NE 14 in Elgin
NE 71 Colorado state line South Dakota state line
US 73 Kansas state line US 75 north of Dawson
US 75 Kansas state line Iowa state line
I-76 Colorado state line I-80 Exit 102
NE Spur 76A US 6 west of Friend Cordova
NE Link 76E NE 33 in Dorchester US 6 near Dorchester
US 77 Kansas state line Iowa state line
NE 79 US 34 west of Lincoln NE 91 in Snyder
NE Link 79G NE 92 west of Scottsbluff NE 71 near Scottsbluff
I-80 Wyoming state line Iowa state line
NE Link 80E US 6 in Friend I-80 Exit 369
NE Link 80F I-80 Exit 366 US 34 in Utica
NE Link 80G I-80 Exit 373 US 34 near Tamora
NE Link 80H US 6 north of Milford I-80 Exit 382

South/West Terminus
North/East Terminus
NE 88 Wyoming state line US 385/NE 92 in Bridgeport
NE 91 NE 2 in Dunning US 30/75 in Blair
NE 92 Wyoming state line Iowa state line
NE Link 93B I-80 Exit 360 US 34 in Waco
NE Spur 93C Benedict US 81 near Benedict
NE Link 93E I-80 Exit 348 US 34 east of Bradshaw
NE 97 US 83 north of North Platte US 20 in Valentine

South/West Terminus
North/East Terminus
NE 103 (S) NE 8 east of Steele City US 136 east of Harbine
NE 103 (N) NE 4 east of Plymouth I-80 Exit 388
NE 109 US 77/NE 92 north of Wahoo US 77 south of Fremont
NE 110 NE 35 west of Dakota City US 20 west of South Sioux City
NE 112 Kansas state line US 77 west of Blue Springs
NE 128 NE 50 south of Syracuse US 75 south of Nebraska City
I-129 US 20/75/77 in S. Sioux City Iowa state line
NE 133 US 6 in Omaha US 30 near Blair
US 136 US 6/34 north of Edison Missouri state line
US 138 Colorado state line US 30 north of Big Springs
I-180 downtown Lincoln I-80 Exit 401
US 275 US 20/281 in O'Neill Iowa state line
US 283 Kansas state line US 30 in Lexington
NE 370 US 6/NE 31 in Gretna Iowa state line
I-480 I-80/US 75 in Omaha Iowa state line

1 - 20 21 - 40 41 - 60 61 - 80 81 - 100 101 - 680

Thanks to the following people for contributing photos, information, or corrections to the Nebraska Termini Gallery: Neil Bratney, Jeremy Lance, Julian Macdonald, Ben Prusia, Dale Sanderson, James Schul, Michael Summa and Stephen Taylor.

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