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Acknowledgments and Links

This site could not be possible without the help (direct, indirect, and otherwise) of many people. Also, it is by no means the only or most complete site about Nebraska roads. Click on the links below for more road-related information:

National Highway Sites
Nebraska Highway Sites
  • The Nebraska Highways Page The first site devoted to Nebraska roads.
  • Neil Bratney's Website (Offline) Omaha-area highway information and freeway exit guides.
  • Nebraska Department of Roads Click here for Nebraska road information straight from the (pick your favorite equine)'s mouth.

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Other Links

  • Why do you think they call them counties? A county-counting Web site. Have you been to all 3,139 counties, parishes, boroughs and independent cities in the U.S.? I'm not anywhere close to that type of goal. This is a great place to record where you've been in this great country of ours; to see where I've been, click here.

Contact Information

If you:

  • have a question about Nebraska roads
  • have any additional highway information
  • can correct or add to any information on this site
  • want to send me a Nebraska highway or sign/terminus photo

please, go ahead and do so. Send your queries to roads@nebraskaroads.com. Thanks for stopping by my site!

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