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US 275 Termini
US 275 West Terminus

From US 20/275 Westbound:

Picture taken 2000 by Stephen Taylor.

US 275 ends in downtown O'Neill. US 281 comes in from the left, and continues straight (west) until turning north again at the edge of town. There is a large, permanently green cement shamrock in the center of this intersection; it was installed around 1999. (O'Neill is the Irish capital of Nebraska and has a large annual St. Patrick's Day celebration.)

Picture taken 2000 by Stephen Taylor.

An enlargement of the signs in the previous photo.

From US 20 Eastbound/US 281 Southbound:

Picture taken 2000 by Stephen Taylor.

Looking to the east from the same intersection. US 275 begins at the other end of the shamrock.

From US 281 Northbound:

No pictures of this terminus are currently available. If you'd like to send yours, click here to do so.

US 275 East Terminus
From US 275/NE 92 Eastbound:

Picture taken by Neil Bratney.

Just before the main span of the South Omaha Bridge, which passes over the Missouri River from Omaha to Council Bluffs.

Picture taken by Neil Bratney.

An old state line sign on the bridge itself.

From US 275 Northbound/IA 92 Westbound:

Picture taken by Neil Bratney.

The approach to the South Omaha bridge from the Iowa side of the river. The seat belt sign in the foreground is a Nebraska-style sign, however.

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