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Nebraska Roads
Nebraska's highways, byways, roads, and more!

Nebraska US Highways 275-385
275 281 283 383 385
US 275
Length: 191 miles
Western Terminus: Junction with US 281 in O'Neill (multiplexed with US 20)
Eastern Terminus:
Iowa state line at Omaha
Designated in Nebraska: 1939

Counties Passed Through: Holt, Antelope, Madison, Stanton, Cuming, Dodge, Douglas
Communities Passed Through:
O'Neill, Inman, Ewing, Clearwater, Neligh, Oakdale, Tilden, Meadow Grove, Norfolk, Pilger, Wisner, Beemer, West Point, Scribner, Hooper, Fremont, Valley, Waterloo, Omaha

Expressway Segments: 12 miles from Norfolk to junction north of Stanton; 9 miles from Hooper to bypass north of Fremont; 168th St. in Omaha to Iowa state line
Freeway Segment:
10 miles from NE 36 interchange to NE 64 interchange at Waterloo
National Highway System Segment:
Entire length in Nebraska (except in Omaha from the NE L28B junction (W. Dodge Rd.) to the NE 38 junction (W. Center Rd.); from US 75 to the Iowa border)


  • US 20 - 13 miles from O'Neill to south of Inman
  • NE 15 - 2 miles near Pilger
  • NE 32 - 1 mile in West Point
  • NE 91 - 13 miles from north of Scribner to near Nickerson
  • US 77 - 9 miles from east of Hooper to the Fremont bypass
  • US 30 - 4 miles on the northeast part of the Fremont bypass
  • NE 64 - 5 miles from Valley North interchange to Waterloo interchange
  • NE 92 - 19 miles, from east of Venice to Iowa border

History: US 275 was commissioned in 1932, and was extended north into Nebraska 7 years later. US 275 replaced NE 8 (I) thoughout the state, and has followed the same basic path ever since, except for relalignments between Omaha and Fremont and a straightened route north of Stanton. The stretch between Norfolk and Fremont will become part of the Nebraska Expressway system; work began east of Norfolk in 2001. Also, the segment between Fremont and West Dodge Road in Omaha is being upgraded to freeway status; the first segment opened in November 2001.

Business US 275
Fremont: Runs through Fremont along Bell Av., 23rd St. (Business US 30), and US 77. Created 2002.
Ran through downtown Norfolk on Norfolk Ave. Length 4 miles; decommissioned in 2001 and replaced with NE 35 and NE 24.
City US 275
Omaha: Ran along Dodge St. in western Omaha; in existance 1942-1960
US 275A
Designated: 2001
Decommissioned: 2002

Western Terminus: US 275/NE 36 interchange south of Fremont
Eastern Terminus:
US 275 near Valley
Replaced by:
local roads

History: Interim designation for former US 275 after it was shifted to a new freeway alignment in Douglas County.

US 281
Length: 223 miles
Southern Terminus: Kansas state line south of Red Cloud
Northern Terminus:
South Dakota state line north of Spencer
Designated in Nebraska: 1933

Counties Passed Through: Webster, Adams, Hall, Howard, Greeley, Wheeler, Holt, Boyd
Communities Passed Through:
Red Cloud, Blue Hill, Ayr, Hastings, Doniphan, Grand Island, St. Libory, St. Paul, Greeley, Bartlett, Cummingsville, O'Neill, Spencer

Expressway Segment: 37 miles from Hastings to NE 58 junction north of St. Libory (with a 1-mile break on the north side of Grand Island)
National Highway System Segment:
from Grand Island to O'Neill


  • NE 4 - 4 miles , southwest of Blue Hill
  • US 6/34 - 1/2 mile in Hastings
  • US 34 - 23 miles from Hastings to Grand Island
  • NE 2 - 4 miles on the Grand Island bypass
  • NE 92 - 2 miles through St. Paul
  • NE 22 - 8 miles between Wolbach and Greeley
  • NE 91 - 6 miles, from west of Spalding to NE 70 junction
  • NE 70 - 14 miles, from NE 91 junction to Cummingsville
  • US 20 - 1 mile in O'Neill
  • NE 12 - 4 miles through Spencer

History: Commissioned in 1932 in the Dakotas, US 281 was extended south through Nebraska a year later. It replaced NE 2 south of Grand Island, which was rerouted east to Lincoln. It was rerouted, straightened and paved in northern and central Nebraska up through the 1960's.

US 283
Length: 59 miles
Southern Terminus: Kansas state line south of Arapahoe
Northern Terminus:
US 30 in Lexington
Designated in Nebraska: around 1942

Counties Passed Through: Furnas, Gosper, Dawson
Communities Passed Through:
Arapahoe, Elwood, Johnson Lake, Lexington

History: US 283 was commissioned in 1932. About a decade later, US 283 was extended into Nebraska replacing NE 21 on its routing north through Lexington.

US 383
Designated: 1942
Decommissioned: 1982

Southern Terminus: Kansas state line south of Alma
Northern Terminus:
US 30 junction at Elm Creek
Replaced by:
US 183

History: Commissioned in 1942, US 383 ran concurrently with US 183 for its entire length in Nebraska. It was truncated back to Alma in 1962 and was eliminated twenty years later. (In Kansas, it ran concurrently with US 183 or US 83 for all but about 70 miles of its length.)

US 385
Length: 181 miles
Southern Terminus:
Colorado state line southeast of Chappell
Northern Terminus:
South Dakota state line north of Chadron
Designated in Nebraska: 1958

Counties Passed Through: Deuel, Cheyenne, Morrill, Box Butte, Dawes
Communities Passed Through:
Chappell, Lodgepole, Sunol, Sidney, Gurley, Dalton, Bridgeport, Angora, Alliance, Chadron

National Highway System Segment: from Sidney to the South Dakota border


  • US 30 - 26 miles from Chappell to Sidney
  • NE 92 - 8 miles into Bridgeport
  • US 26 - 1 mile north of Bridgeport
  • NE 2 - 8 miles, from Alliance north
  • US 20 - 2 miles just west of Chadron

History: A revived US 385 was created in 1958 that ran from Texas to South Dakota. In Nebraska, US 385 replaced NE 27 from the Colorado border to Chappell, and NE 19 from Sidney on north. US 385 north of the NE L62A junction is a federal high-priority corridor-the Heartland Expressway. In 2000, a new alignment opened between Alliance and Chadron west of the previous alignment (which became NE 87 and NE L7E). At the present time, there are no plans to upgrade this segment to expressway standards.

275 281 283 383 385

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