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NE Spur 67C Termini

This road can rightly claim the distinction of "Nebraska's Most Useless Road". While every other spur in the state serves as a connection to a town, park, recreation area, or state facility, NE Spur 67C does not connect to anything. Note to NDOR: Decommission this road...NOW.

NE Spur 67C West Terminus

From NE Link 67C Westbound:

Picture taken 7/13/2003 by Jesse Whidden.

Sign denoting the end of state maintenance; this sign is useful only for the fact that it would be impossible to tell where the county road begins since both NE Spur 67C and the Pawnee County road that continues west are maintained equally "well". Anyway, this isn't even the actual western end of NE Spur 67C; it ends at the intersection just over the crest of this hill (where the pickup is parked).

From rural Pawnee County Eastbound:

Picture taken 7/13/2003 by Jesse Whidden.

Ths photo was taken very close to the exact western terminus of NE Spur 67C. Mile Marker 3 is on the left side of the road; since the spur is 3.03 miles long, it ends about 150 feet west of the marker, or about where I'm standing.

NE Spur 67B East Terminus
From NE Spur 67B Eastbound:

Picture taken 7/13/2003 by Jesse Whidden.

Approaching the eastern end of NE Spur 67C. Signage all along NE Spur 67C was very poor by Nebraska standards, but very good by county road standards. The yellow diamond sign is a STOP AHEAD sign.

Picture taken 7/13/2003 by Jesse Whidden.

STOP sign at the intersection. That's a DEAD END sign on the other side of the intersection. Finally, this is the only all-gravel junction on the Nebraska state highway system.

From NE 65 Northbound:

Picture taken 7/13/2003 by Jesse Whidden.

Advance junction sign and banner for NE Spur 67C.

From NE 65 Southbound:

Picture taken 7/13/2003 by Jesse Whidden.

A clearer picture of signs visible in the previous photo, this time from the north side of the intersection.

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