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Nebraska Roads
Nebraska's highways, byways, roads, and more!


Genuine Nebraska - America's Frontier

This site is NOT affiliated with the Nebraska Department of Roads. If you need official road information, Nebraska travel maps, construction updates, or current weather-related road conditions, click on the links provided.

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Concrete Lancaster county line marker erected in the 1920s to designate the O-L-D (Omaha-Lincoln-Denver) Highway. In the 80 years since, this road has also been the D-L-D (Detroit-Lincoln-Denver) Highway; US 38; and since 1931, US 6.

This site is your one-stop source for unoffical information about the past, present and future of Nebraska's highways and byways.

Table of Contents
Interstate Highways: Nebraska's Interstate system extends for about 480 miles throughout Nebraska.
US Highways: The original national route system, the US shield has been around since 1926.
State Highways: The bulk of Nebraska's road system, state highways extend to every nook, cranny, and corner of Nebraska. (Coming "soon": Nebraska highway histories)
State Link/Spur Routes: Nebraska's other highway system. While Nebraska has neither a secondary highway system nor a county road numbering/signing system, it does have links, spurs and the elusive recreation roads. Learn more about the method behind the madness here.
Nebraska Termini: Endpoints for Nebraska Interstate, US, state, and link/spur highways.
Nebraska Trips: Ah, the roadtrip. I've been to almost every corner of Nebraska, and you're invited along for the ride.
Nebraska Photos: I've taken many pictures of Nebraska during my life, and you can find them here.
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