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Update Log
11/29/2004 - Slightly edited layout for the index page. Made minor edits to the legend and links pages.
5/25/2004 - Created termini page for NE Spur 55E.
5/24/2004 - Starting to go through a long backlog of termini photos and route log histories to add to the site. Added new photos to the NE Link 80F page.
5/10/2004 - Nebraska Roads has been moved to a new server, and can now only be accessed via http://www.nebraskaroads.com/ This will ensure the long-term accessablility of the site, as well as provide enhanced server capabilities. Updates made to the Legend, Acknowledgments/Links, Roads Log, and Termini Gallery pages.
2/18/2004 - This site hasn't been updated for quite some time. I apologize for that; I wish I had more time work on Nebraska Roads as well. A number of school, work, and personal events have kept me from having the time required to work on this site as much as I'd like to. However, Nebraska Roads is not destined to die from neglect; in fact, I plan on having a number of long-term items on the to-do list completed by May. Check back from time to time for more information about the future of Nebraska Roads!
Updates from 2003 can be found here.

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